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Providing the Best in Engine Air Filtration

On-road or off-road, you can trust Donaldson air filters to withstand whatever the environment throws their way. Since 1915, Donaldson has pioneered the development of nearly every major advancement in heavy-duty engine air filtration. Nothing else protects, performs and provides longer life for engines than our industry-leading filters.

Why are Air filters so important?

Every internal combustion engine requires a mixture of fuel and air to operate properly. Without air (oxygen), the gasoline or diesel fuels can’t burn and provide the energy needed to power the engine. The air that is used by the engine needs to be cleaned before it enters the engine, otherwise dirt, dust, and debris accumulates and can cause poor engine performance. As dirt and dust are allowed in the engine, they rub on the essential metal parts of the engine causing them to wear away and eventually they will have to be replaced. It costs a lot less to replace a dirty air filter regularly, than it does to replace the parts of the engine it protects.

Also, modern engines depend on a precise air to fuel ratio in order to function properly. When the engine is deprived of air, the ratio is compromised and that puts more stress on your engine. A clean air filter allows just the right amount of air into our vehicles engine and also traps the dirt that can harm our engines


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