DN15 ultrasonic digital residential smart water meter

Range ratio: R200
Protection level: IP68
Maximum pressure: 1.6MPa
Maximum temperature: T50
Substrate: copper
Connection method: thread
Communication interface: M-BUS / RS485
Communication protocol: CJ188/modbus
Battery life: 8 years





We provide you with the best products

  • The battery is easy to replace, and has a replaceable battery structure design, which is convenient for market maintenance;
  • Ultra low power design,Long battery life;
  • Perfect management and testing system;
  • Select the best ultrasonic heat meter by sensor temperature test;
  • Eachwater meter is tested for flow and the best product is selected;
  • Small diameter water meter with copper shell for good ductility;
  • Large diameter water meter adopts standard flange thickness, strong water pressure.


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