IHF fasteners

Compared to conventional HV connection (one hexagon bolt, one hexagon nut, and two washers) the IHF Stretch-System reduces the connection to two core elements: IHF Stretchbolt und IHF Roundnut.

  • IHF Stretchbolt: Stress-optimized bolt, the washer is integrated in the head of the bolt
  • IHF Roundnut: Stress-optimized nut, large contact area
  • IHF Stretch-System: IHF fasteners are applied with ITH bolt tensioning cylinders.

IHF fasteners are generally used in steel construction, especially on flanges.
Available standard dimensions are: M36 to M64 (1 3/8” to 2 1/2”)

IHF Stretchbolt and IHF Roundnut

  1. Stress-optimized design, no washers required
  2. Substitution of common bolts and nuts

Maintenance free bolted joint

  • Proven by more than 3,000 measurements on wind turbines over 18 months

Approved by the German institute for technical approvals (DIBt)


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