Liquid gas pumps are required for unloading, fueling, fuel transfer and for filling processes.

The demands on pumps are high: high pressure differences, mixture transport, low NPSH values, low level of pulsations transport, low noise emissi- ons and ATEX conformity. The user does expect a reliable transport also of the liquid-gas mixtures, the control of out- gassing and variations of the steam pressure and more and more popular higher pump efficiencies.


Presentation of a liquid gas EDUR pumpHigh Energy-Efficiency
• very high efficiencies
• optimized impeller approach flow
• low internal friction losses
• optimized head per stage

Technical Superiority
• open impellers without axial thrust or balanced closed impellers
• compensation of radial forces by means of diffuser devices in the annular casing
• NPSH inducer stages
• low noise emissions
• ATEX conformity

Process Reliability
• partial gas supply
• wide performance curve characteristics
• high pressure stages
• low NPSH-values

Easy Maintenance
• modular construction system for customized solutions
• compact bloc- or bedplate design

Easy Service

• operating pressure up to 40 bar
• temperature -40° C up to +110° C
• viscosity up to 115 mm2/s

Performance chart


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